Dear photograph

In keeping with this weekend’s anniversary theme, and given I have dying to take my own ‘dear photograph’ photos… I took the girls to our wedding tree this morning. I pulled out the old wedding photos and relived the happy day with them. Enjoy…


The promised gifts

Ok, I feel dreadful. It is our anniversary and I failed to get a present. We celebrate 5 years today, which is either a gift of silver or wood. My hints for a silver pendant went unnoticed, but in fairness I think it was my year to buy the gift. (We alternate years).

As a lame attempt to make up for my failings, I did run out and get a much needed silver coloured (ie stainless steal) garlic press and a very fancy wooden spatular. I am still yet to make a card.

Then I showed poor hubby the photos of what I intended and still intend to get for us… wooden printer’s tray and an antique silver cake slice. I have been looking for them. Just yet to find the right ones. The hunt continues…

Love love love

It is our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow… and I am panicking! I have researched what I wanted to give my dear husband, but I haven’t found it yet! I haven’t even made a card! Instead I have used the occasion to inspire today’s type sketches. xx

Thank you

It is the first of March and I have decided to attempt to create a piece of ‘type’ by hand each day of the month. ¬†Emphasis on the ‘attempt’. Not sure where I am going to find the time, but I am hoping they can just be short activities at the end of the day.

Today’s sketches have been inspired by ‘Handmade Love’s’ post today – announcing they are going to ‘sponsor’ Lorenzo’s Playground. I am still yet to find out what this really means, but feel super lucky and excited.