Food glorious food

After two days of Christmas celebrations and I am totally exhausted and full of food. Very happy though. Food always makes me smile.

Yesterday I made a ‘Cherry Wreath Cake’. I rarely attempt cakes, but this looked so pretty in the magazine, I couldn’t resist. Mine was pretty tasty, but not nearly as attractive. I think I will just have to keep making (and eating) it until I perfect the art.


A few special objects

Santa is coming and it is time for our little girls to put away the baby toys. So last night we started to rearrange their room to accommodate some of the treats they will be receiving from the big fella. By simply turning this old Ikea bookcase on its end, we have created so much more room, and I was able to make a feature of a few special objects.

On the top of the bookcase is a new lamp, their name cards, a pig I got from my husband when I turned 30 (I used to collect them as a child),
a porcelain Pinocchio I bought in Venice on my European backpacking adventures, and an alphabet painting I painting when I was pregnant
with Matilda.

A Dr Seuss print also hang on the wall near the book case. My dad framed it for Matilda’s first Christmas, but it has only just been hung, 2 years later. I was hoping to update all the artworks in their room, but I couldn’t part with alphabet completely. Nor the circle artworks I also did for the nursery. The girls have just loved the circles full of creatures, waving them all before bed each night.

I just wish the room would stay this neat… I am sure by the end of this post, the books will all be on the floor… at least that is a sign of enjoyment!

Nice one Jeff!

A wiggly update for you – the rose, bone and seaweed were warmly received. Matilda even got a special ‘thank you’ high five from
her favourite Wiggle! Nice one Jeff! You made our purple loving
princess’s day!


Wiggly friends

I have been pretty quiet on the blog front due to a rush of Christmas festivities. But we are off to ‘The Wiggles’ this week and I just had to quickly share our preparations for the big event.

A friend advised me to get a rose ready for ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’ and a bone for ‘Waggs the Dog’. So today, my dad, Matilda and I made these wiggly treats, along with some seaweed for ‘Henry the Octopus’. With an art teacher as a mum, and a grandfather who is studying fine arts, this wasn’t going to be just a simple affair. The results are spectacularly  glittery. Matilda is happy. And so will our wiggly friends!

Our Tree

Here is the finished product… our tall, skinny, eclectic tree.

While I like the look of perfectly styled trees, I love that our family tree doesn’t look perfect. Instead it is perfectly full of memories collected
over the years. There is the star Matilda and I made last year, the Scottish Santa we bought for my Granny many years ago, the angel that Noodle and I gave each other in London 2000, along with many many more.

And I just love our Santa sacks… I had them made for each of the girls’ first Christmas. I am certainly feeling the festive joy!

Christmas Trees

When we saw Santa yesterday, Matilda was all set to simply ask him for
a tree and some tinsel for her sister. Sweet girl! She ended up asking for
a scooter for herself instead, but it made me realise that I was obviously running a bit late with the tree decorating this year!

I have always had a real Christmas tree, which is can be a bit of a mission to buy and cart back home. The tired mum in me was set to get a fake one today. Less mess, easy to pack away, no fuss!

But the romantic in me just couldn’t do it. I love the smell of real Christmas trees. It makes it feel like Christmas. So instead I bought this tall skinny thing. Cute huh!? It is growing in a pot, so in theory we can keep it outside for next year.

I like this idea. It reminds me of my Christmas tree in the UK. I spent my first Christmas there, whilst visiting my grand parents just outside of London. My dear Dadda planted a tree in his front garden for me. He has sadly passes away now, and the family house sold, but my Aunty wrote just last week to tell me she had visited it. As you could imagine it is quite tall/ old now. I would love to see it again one day. Or even just a photo of it (hint hint to my UK family. xo)

Time to get off the computer now and pull out the decorations… it is going to be a night of tinsel and baubles. Fun!

Wishing Tree

I am trying to go largely ‘handmade’ this Christmas. But for as long
as I can remember, mum and I have been buying a gift for the K-Mart Wishing Tree – and it has always been a ‘Barbie’. It surely makes me
‘stop and smile’.

Now I have my own girls, I buy a gift from each of them. ‘Barbie’ remains the standard, with a ‘My Little Pony’ thrown in this year too!

Merry Christmas little girls… who ever you are. (Love Matilda and India).