A little heart shaped leaf

I took my class out of the classroom on Thursday. Each armed with an iphone (or similar) they were asked to look at their school playground with new eyes, and photograph things that surprised them – things that made them stop and smile. I enjoying seeing what they discovered and wish I had done this exercise with them earlier in the year. Unfortunately I don’t have their photos, but here is a little heart shaped leaf I found.


Dear Santa

Surprising moments

With hand stretched out to shake mine, our 2 year old just said:

“Hi, I am Matilda, who are you?”

I have never laughed so much.
2 year olds can be such funny little things!

Sunset drives

Matilda and I took these photos on our drive home from mum and dad’s last night. It was an amazing sunset. Hard to do it justice from a moving car. But we had fun trying.

If you can’t renovate, decorate!

We rent our little home. We love the area, but not so much the house.
I spend my days dreaming about how we could renovate the place,
before remembering we can’t really do a thing! In the last week though,
I have decided to decorate instead.

My new motto: “If you can’t renovate, decorate!”

My first project was to replace the light shade hanging about the dining table/ card-making table. I am in love! Can’t stop looking at it!

#4 – A grand old tea party

A beautiful card from someone I have never met. Yet she still feels like family. xo

(And don’t you just love my Nanna’s old tea cup!)

Pixie garden

It has been of day of posting… 3 in 1 day! Had to share these photos I took this morning though. I took the girls to the community garden at the top of Norton Plaza, Leichhardt. We had it all to ourselves and girls just loved exploring this little ‘pixie’ garden. A great local escape.

#3 – Kids, holidays, sunshine and water

I opened response number 3 when I got home from work last night. Smiles galore! It confirmed just why I started this project. I love finding and sharing the small joys in my days. I also love hearing what makes
you smile. Kids, holidays, sunshine and water… all so precious.

But it was the late addition to this letter that gave me the biggest sense
of joy. A sweetly folded smiley face letter and a personal memory shared. This process has now inspired the sender to reconnect with a pen pal from his past.

That is what it is all about. Reconnecting. Sharing smiles. (I might have
to start folding my letters like this from now on too, if I can work it out!)

Shady Designs

Yesterday I finally managed to get into ‘Shady Designs’ to discuss the restoration of Nanna’s lamp, and to see the owner (who I hadn’t seen in over 20 years!)┬áIt was a great experience – the studio is a feast for the eyes, and Lisa is still the same bubbly person she was in primary school.

I couldn’t decide on a fabric for the shade though. I will have to sit on that a bit longer…

Wirey sculptures

Another Sunday morning filled with art. Happy days!

The girls woke just before 6.00am, so we packed a picnic and headed to Sculptures by the Sea.

If I was a sculptor I would defiantly choose wire to work with. I find the spindly, wirey formations so enchanting and beautiful.