Happy Halloween


Being creative

Being creative has always frustrated me (and those around me). When I was growing up I wanted a ‘useful’ talent – to be good with numbers, or to have rhythm. Instead I am totally un-coordinated, can be messy, indecisive and impatient.

As I get older though, I see what a blessing being creative is. I can still make people happy without the gift of dance! But most importantly I make myself happy. I love it! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be consumed with it 24 hours a day and see the world through a view finder.

Now with the girls in our lives, I can share my talents with them and feel like a kids again myself. Creativity can free the spirit if you let it (and share it).

Birds on a wire

I don’t normally like pigeons, but on mass against a blue sky, they looked beautiful this afternoon on our walk to lunch. (I admit, I was a bit scared of walking underneath them all though!)


Play doh was a big hit! All smiles until the small one got stuck in the storage box!

Rainy days

A year ago yesterday, I was smiling because of the rain. I was due to go to personal training with my then 2 month old baby, but it was called off due to the wet weather. I was grinning from ear to ear.

A year later it is raining again. This small coincidence in the weather makes me smile. (Now how do I keep smiling through a long, wet afternoon at home with the girls? Play doh time?)

Nanna’s lamp

This crooked old lamp used to be owned by my Nanna. It is fairly old and tatty now but I just haven’t been able to part with it. Its retro charm gets me every time. A couple of days ago the lamp’s shade broke, so I decided to contact a shade maker near me to get a quote. I have been driving past this shop for ages now, always meaning to pop in.

I am so glad I contacted them! As it turns out, the shade designer is really good friend of mine from primary school. We lost touch after school and haven’t spoken in over 20 years! I can’t wait to take my lamp in.


I didn’t post anything yesterday (not good after just 3 days of this project!)

Instead I took time out, to simply enjoy the sunshine.

Purple cheese

My husband and I are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful, strong and very bright young girls – aged 30 months and 14 months. Needless to say it can get very noisy and hectic in our house, and there is often the need for any one of us (or sometimes all 4 of us) to be reminded to smile. Recently we devised a code to help with this. ‘Purple cheese’.

When things get are starting to get a bit out of control, we go searching for our ‘purple cheese’ (it likes to hide under pillows), we have a nibble, offer it around if needs be, and then all seems to be right in the world again.

Whether you have children or not, I think we could all do with some ‘purple cheese’ in our lives.

Dear old friends

I am surrounded by wonderful people. Supportive and loving people. Many of my friends will be willingly (and maybe not so willingly) included in this creative project. For some of them, this will not be the first they have been dragged into. There have been photo shoots in the past involving large squid, socks, ladders, potatoes and many, many early mornings.

I have friends I have know for months, years and even decades. Some I have know pretty much my entire life. These friendships are a special thing. Something that makes me stop and smile frequently.

Today’s card was posted to one of my dear old friends. I laugh just imagining her reaction to my post. A roll of the eyes…. “Typical Bec!” (Fingers crossed she may humour me with a reply?!)